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1832 Alpine Blvd, Alpine CA 91901 preschool

About Our School

Our Programs


Infant Program: 

Our infant program, offered for babies ages 3 months to 18 months is divided into two classrooms, non-mobile: 3 months to 10 months and mobile: approx 10 to 18 months. Both rooms offer a rotating curriculum of sensory, art, language and music activities that help babies develop their fine and gross motor skills and explore their surroundings in a safe and warm environment.

Our teachers are specially trained in infant development and provide lots of individualized attention and care to each baby. As the class matures, their primary caregiver will transition to the next classroom with them so they can continue feeling safe and secure in the next classroom. Parents in these programs especially love our HiMama communication app, which allows caregivers to share pictures, videos and feeding and diapering information throughout the day, and logs all of their precious moments in our online child portfolio for easy downloading and sharing with friends and family. 

Toddler Program: 

The toddler program for children 18 months to 3 years old is divided into two classrooms, a smaller classroom for younger toddlers (5-8 students and 1-2 teachers) and larger classroom (10-16 students and 2-3 teachers) for older toddlers. Both classrooms offer a fun and engaging curriculum with weekly art, science, and sensory exploration activities. These classrooms focus on language development through plenty of reading, songs and verbal encouragement. These classrooms also participate in our Library Days and Language Programs (see below).

Our small class sizes allow our teachers to work with children on individual needs as they grow. Socialization and self care (including potty training) are a priority for this age group and teachers will work with children’s families to assist the child as these skills are built slowly in this program through lots of positive encouragement and modeling. 

Pre-K Program:

The pre-k program, for children ages 3 to 5 years old, is designed with California’s Kindergarten Readiness standards in mind. This classroom has a larger size and with up to 22 students and 2 teachers, it more closely resembles the larger class size children will experience in kindergarten, though with a much smaller student to teacher ratio. Our teachers engage children in a fun and challenging curriculum while offering lots of art, sensory, science and music activities. Objectives in this classroom are easy identification of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers 1-20, pre-reading skills including phonics and rhyming, writing child’s name, cutting with scissors, counting numbers 1-20 and early math skills, some sight word memorization. 

This classroom participates in our Library program and visits the library for preschool story hour once per week and is able to check out books of interest. There is also a rotating language program which consists of two afternoon language lessons each week with 4-5 foreign language target words introduced to children in stories, songs and worksheets. The language program will begin with Spanish in October. 

Preschool PlaySkills Program:

This program, for children ages 2 to 4 years old, is a part-time program offered from 8:00am to 11:45am. This class focuses on early preschool skills such as socialization, fine and gross motor skills, language and art and is a perfect introduction to preschool for children who have never been in a classroom setting before. Children will complete one daily activity such as an art project and enjoy a morning circle time where teachers will read stories, sing songs and play games with the group. Afterwards, morning snack is offered and children will have outside play time followed by free choice activities until lunch (provided by parents). 

Parents may enroll children in two days (Tues, Thurs), three days (Mon, Wed, Fri) or five days per week. 


What we offer


Our Classrooms

 Our classrooms consist of mainly natural materials and soothing colors, thoughtfully chosen to make little ones feel safe, calm and avoid overstimulation. Like many Reggio Emilia classrooms, we create soft cozy spaces in our classrooms and create a home-like environment to bridge the transition from home to school.  

Green Cleaning

 Our school uses non-toxic, non-bleach cleaning products, recommended by the EPA for schools and hospitals. Our infant and toddler rooms maintain a detailed daily cleaning routine with deep cleaning of all toys and materials weekly to help minimize the spread of germs and diseases.  

Library Days

 Our Toddler and Pre-K classrooms participate in Alpine Library’s toddler and preschool story times weekly and with the help of their teachers, select new books to read in their classrooms. These fun and exciting visits help instill a love of reading, respect for our community and responsibility and care for books.  

Language Lessons

 Twice a week, our language teacher will introduce new language words to our students through storybooks and songs which feature the targeted words. The words and definitions will be posted in their classroom so they may incorporate them in their regular classroom time and a worksheet of the words they are practicing will be sent home for parents as well.  


 Our staff practices a discipline approach called Positive Discipline which involves shaping children’s behavior through respectful communication exchanges and identifying the goal of misbehavior in order to resolve behavior issues.  


More information about this approach can be found here: https://www.positivediscipline.com/sites/default/files/what-is-positive-discipline.pdf

Communication App

Our HiMama communication app is used to digitally check your child in and out and also provides records of your child's daily activities, diapering, napping and eating notes for each day, as well as pictures and videos from each day. See link for more details! 


tuition rates

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